Savignystraße 66, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Savignystraße 66,
60325 Frankfurt am Main
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Ignatz Bubis Community Center

The Ignatz Bubis Community Center at Savignystrasse 66 was dedicated in September 1986. It contains part of the I. E. Lichtigfeld School, a kindergarten, a youth center, a ballroom, a senior citizens’ center and a kosher restaurant. Another part of the building houses the administration offices and the social services department.1 The building was created by architects Salomon Korn and Gerhard Balser Associates, who designed a structure with angled triangles breaking arrow-like through a glassed-roofed tract.2 This symbolic gash is mirrored in the fractured, tower-like, stylized Tablets of the Law, alluding to the fractured history of German-Jewish relations. . Other Jewish symbols include the three images of the seven-branched candelabrum, Menora, in front of the glass façade of the foyer between the supports. Since 1999 the Community Center has borne the name of Ignatz Bubis, Frankfurt Jewish Community board chairman and president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, who initiated the building project. For him, the building was a visible sign that the new Jewish generation in Frankfurt once again had a permanent home and was engaged in a future in Frankfurt. The leitmotif of the new building was, “Whoever builds a house plans to stay.”
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