Neuer Börneplatz  , 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Neuer Börneplatz ,
60311 Frankfurt am Main
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Neuer Börneplatz Memorial Site

In 1984 the city of Frankfurt decided to build a new municipal utility center in the former Jewish quarter.1 In 1996 a holocaust memorial site designed by architectural firm Hirsch, Lorch und Wandel was created behind the complex, between Battonnstrasse and Rechneigrabenstrasse. A centrally placed 5 x 5 m stone cube constructed from remnants of the Judengasse, and a grove of 60 sycamore trees define the 4500 sq. m space. The ground is covered with crushed basalt, with a molten asphalt area delineated by a stainless steel band tracing part of the floor plan of the destroyed Börneplatz Synagogue.2 The northern side borders the Old Jewish Cemetery, whose 286 m long enclosing wall contains approximately 11,915 small steel blocks,Mutter, Anna (2006): Gedenkstätte Börneplatz. 961 kleine Namenstafeln. In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 05.09.2006. Online verfügbar unter . Zuletzt geprüft am 30.11.2011;
Ludwig, Astrid (2010): Gedenken an den Holocaust. Der kleine Albert. In: Frankfurter Rundschau, 26.01.2010. Accessible online at Zuletzt geprüft am 30.11.2011. with name, date of birth and death, and place of deportation carved out in printer plate fashion. All of Frankfurt’s Jews who were deported and murdered between 1933 and 1945 are documented here. New nameplates added in 2010 necessitated a second alphabetization.
A black granite plaque that was created 1946 was placed on the back outer wall of the museum,  commemorating the destruction of the synagogue on Börneplatz during the November pogrom of 1938. A row of five street signs shows the various names by which this square has been known. 
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